Journals are windows from which we look at the world and through which the world recognizes us. One of the windows has just been open on a wall of our institution. Its name is promising and accomodating. It indicates the commitment to the ideal which is rooted in modern culture and European identity. Unfortunately, this ideal has been quite forgotten.

Our modern times are characterised by the noise of massiveness, where the reign of measurement and the tyranny of visible predominate. These are the times in which things have eaten their creator, where objecitves have been devalued by means, and success has become more impotrant than meaningfulness. We have forgotten that the man needs to renew his humanness, upon which we need to build new solidarity. Based on it is the renewal of spirituality, which is a birthplace of the nobility of mind.

Because of all this, there is a need for humanism where solely legal base and political foundations are not sufficient. That kind of humanism seeks a new form of human dignity. Its essence is the renaissance of the entire personality. That is an entrepreneurial job in times of crumbled life and distracted mind.

The fact that journal of ‘Humanistic Studies’ has been created in this area is not accidental. In the area whose spirituality was shaped by a marvelous book called ‘Examples of Honour and Bravery’. As a matter of fact, as long as we can add new examples to the book, the fire of humanity in us will be renewed. That is why journals like these seem to be an attempt to create a small island of humanness in the cold sea of alienation.

That is why ‘Humanistic Studies’.

Dragan K. Vukčević

COBISS.CG-ID 28706576

ISSN 2337-0718 (printed version)

ISSN 2661-2992 (online version)